5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Without Knowing

5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Without Knowing
February 1, 2016 tgifadmin
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We all pretty much know that excessive heat styling, Flat iron and blow-drying are major culprits that lead to damaged hair. But there are other things, things that some of us might do every day that are also causing damage to precious locks and we don’t even know that like ponies and braids! And although it might be nearly impossible to eliminate or lessen the frequency of any number of these things will help. Here are some of the things we do that actually damage our hair.

Ponytail Every Day


Ponytails can cause hair to break, especially if your style is pulled tightly, if you wear it that way every day, permanent hair damage can occur. Elastic hair ties grip the hair too tightly and cut into the hair shaft, causing fraying when they are repeatedly used in the same spot. You can try using thick, fabric coated hair ties instead for a secure hold. It will be far gentler to your hair.

Tight Braids 


Too many tight bends in your hair can cause breakage. The tighter your style the more damage can occur. It can also cause tensile stress, which occurs when there is constant tugging on hair follicles. Regular tensile tress can lead to serious hair loss conditions which is caused by wearing tight hairstyles for a long period of time Be especially careful tying your hair up when it’s wet. Wet hair is even more fragile and will break more easily. We’re not expecting you to totally avoid braids completely, but rather to ease up on them.

Extensions and weaves


Extensions and weaves over time can leave hair broken and brittle. The difference is the damage is at the roots where it is harder to cut out. If you have a discomfort or ache in the scalp, that indicates that what you’ve done to your hair is causing too much pressure at the roots Worse, hair loss caused by wearing tight hairstyles like extensions for too long a time period. So either keep it loose, or try growing your hair instead of going for instant length.



Over cleansing can wash away hair’s natural moisture, resulting making hair very dry. The less forceful you are in washing your hair, the less damage you’ll do to the cuticle. “And find a frequency to washing your hair that works for ideally three times a week.

Excessive Brushing


Excessive brushing hair causes unnecessary friction that leads to breakage and split ends. Just like styling, brushing is especially bad for wet hair. Cheap brushes also causes snags and tangles that are hard to get out and resulting in broken hair and split ends. Finger-comb when you can, and always start from the bottom of your hair.

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