Harmful cosmetic ingredients in your skincare products

Harmful cosmetic ingredients in your skincare products
May 15, 2016 tgifadmin
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Before reading this blog please answer this question honestly… How do you buy your skincare / cosmetic products? Well, most of the time we just go for good looking packaging and beautiful labels, right? But do you always read their label completely before buying them? In the last blog we talked about Symbols on your cosmetic labels and what they mean. Let’s talk about the contents or ingredients in cosmetics. Most of the contents are simple fillers or chemical preservatives along with ingredients which actually are good for the skin.

What are Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients?

Most of the ingredients on a product label contains many complicated chemical names which we just ignore but in these complicated names only we can find the harsh chemicals present in that product. Some of are as follows: Sulphates, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, DEA, TEA, etc. Now we will see what are these chemicals, why they are used in skincare products and why they are harmful.


Sulphates are basically Sulphur compounds. There are hundreds of types of Sulphates. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate are mainly used in cosmetics and skincare products (in cleansers, face washes or Shampoos), are usually derived from Petroleum as they are cost effective. Major use of Sulphates is to produce lather and foam. Why are they bad? Because they can cause Skin/Eye irritation, dryness, rashes or other allergic reactions.


Parabens are series of parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid. They are those chemicals which are used as preservatives for creams /lotions or other cosmetics. They can increase the shelf life of a product upto 5 years hence they are used widely in almost every skincare product available in the market. You can see in the cosmetic ingredients as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, or benzylparaben. All over the globe, there are many studies are conducted and are going on to research effects of Parabens on skin and body. Some of the preliminary researches found parabens in breast cancer tumours. Parabens can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions as well.

Propylene Glycol

It’s a chemical found in many styling products such as hair sprays, conditioners and in many beauty products. It can act as emulsifier or as preservatives. Even if it’s used in very less percentages as a cosmetic ingredient, it can provoke skin allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin or eczema prone skin.


DEA and TEA are Ethanolamines acts as foaming agents in beauty products. They are also used to maintain the pH level of products. They are harmful because they can form nitrates and nitrosamines, believed to cause cancer of kidney and liver when used for a long period of time.

Now you know what are the harmful cosmetic ingredients present in your cosmetics and now you can make an intelligent choice while buying them. After all, skin is the largest organ in your body and should not be taken for granted.

Silicone Derived Emollient

Silicone derived emollient are non-biodegradable occlusive. Because of their property of creating a pseudo finish when applied to the skin, they are widely used in BB creams, foundations and other skincare/haircare products. These chemicals just wrap your hair/skin like a plastic wrap and gives you a temporary satin smooth feel. In your product you can find them by the names of Dimethicone, Dimethicone Copolyol or Cyclomethicone or any other chemical name ending with -cone 😉

There are many more harsh chemicals there but I guess I’ll cover them in some other blog. Till then.. Stay Alert..Stay Healthy..Stay Beautiful..

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