Be Summer Ready To Stay Gorgeous

Be Summer Ready To Stay Gorgeous
July 15, 2016 tgifadmin
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Are you going on a trip this summer? If yes, are you ready to fight with harsh sunrays, tanned skin or frizzy hair because of humidity? Well here we are to give you super easy 10 Summer Proof makeup hacks to stay gorgeous on a vacation. You don’t have to anything extra just follow our leads because its never too late to be summer ready.

Always keep your sunscreen handy


We all know that sunscreen should be applied at least 30-40mins before going out to sun. But you should keep sunscreen always handy in your handbag and use it every 4-5 hours if you are our whole day. Hats are good option to keep your hair and face from direct sunlight. Plus, they give you a trendy summer look. Who wouldn’t want that?

Ditch heavy makeup and moisturizers

summer proof makeup

Summer is the time to ditch all the heavy layers of makeup that could cause sweat while you are out. Instead opt for primers, BB creams, light moisturizing gels, tinted moisturizers etc. They absorb in your skin quickly, helps skin looking fresh and sweat free. Use loose powders sparingly on your body parts which tend to sweat such as underarms, chest and back.

Compact is a must have in your purse

compact powder

Keep a good quality compact in your purse for quick touch ups. Just a dab of compact powder whenever you feel like. Compacts are very good tool to control shine as well.

Cream Eyeshadow – Your New Best Friend

cream eyeshadow

Wear cream eye shadows in Summer for a soft sheer look. If they are in crayon form they are even better as they are easy to use.  Try neon colours, this will give you a funkier look.

Big No to Full Coverage Lipsticks

lip gloss

Ditch those heavy dark shades of lipsticks (Relax, they can be used in Winter). Give your pout a new shine and finish with liquid lipsticks and lip-glosses. Shades of pinks and oranges look really cool. Also switch your normal lip balm to a lip balm with some sun protection factors. We use sunscreen for face and body and forget lips those are more sensitive.



Hope you find these tips helpful 🙂

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