Symbols On Your Cosmetic Labels And What They Mean

Teeny Tiny Symbols On Your Cosmetic Labels And What They Mean
April 30, 2016 tgifadmin
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cosmetic labels and their meaning

Have you ever noticed teeny tiny symbols in your lotion bottle? These symbols tell us about how to use the product safely and effectively. Here are some important and widely accepted symbols on your cosmetic labels and what they mean.

Most Used Symbols In Cosmetic Labels



The estimated sign indicates that the average quantity of product in a batch of packages shall not be less than the nominal quantity stated on the label. The Estimated Symbol (or E symbol for short) is used to show that the product is filled using “average fill system”. Shown in grams or millilitres, this basically means you get “X” amount of product advertised.  The E symbol would be placed directly after the amount indicated on the container.



According to EU standards any product with a shelf life of less than 30 months be labelled with a “best used by” date. For products lasting longer than 30 months, the product must have a “period after opening” symbol. This is shown by a jar with the lid off, and a number. This indicates how long the product is good for, in terms of months, after it’s been opened. Old products can cause breakouts and skin irritation, the opposite of what you want! You should always label the product with the date you open it so that you can know when is the time to stop using it.


further information

This symbol is used when there is not enough space to include all the necessary information such as Ingredients, allergy information or How To Use etc. It’s basically is an indication to look for it in the packaging. If you are using a new product you should definitely go thoroughly to this so as to prevent any harm to your skin.



This symbol marks that a product has not been tested on animals, bunnies. It pledges that the product is cruelty-free to a standard set by The Cruelty Free International Standards. If you this symbol on a product it means the manufacturer of the company is certified from Cruelty Free International and pledge that in any phase of the production no animal was harmed and no testing has done on them.  Also the company also pledges not to harm any animal is future for testing purpose.



PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is another internationally recognised organisation who favours cruelty free products and cosmetics. Its symbol is also a bunny. PETA strongly fights for animal rights and safety. A company registered and certified with them can use PETA bunny symbol on their product packaging to show they are completely cruelty free.

ORGANIC symbol



There are many international organisations which support organic products and certify them.

Soil association of UK is one of them. Its gives certification as COSMOS to 95% of a product’s farmed ingredients and 20% of the entire product, must be organic. The remaining ingredients must meet strict criteria to ensure that they are not damaging to our health or the environment. Products must also meet environmental standards for packaging and manufacturing, and use approved ‘green chemistry’ processes to modify ingredients.


Vegan Symbol

vegan society

A vegan symbol indicates that the product do not have any animal or animal derived ingredients or did not undergo any animal testing.

HALAL certified


Halal means permissible in Arabic. A halal cosmetic product would not have any animal by-product or blood or Alcohol in it.

Girls now you know why these teeny tiny symbols are there in your cosmetic labels. I’m sure this post will help you make an intelligent choice before their purchase.

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